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A playlist of my piano covers from SIMPLE LIFE EP :D

Hey Macers!!! :)

SO..a new era has begun and it’s called Simple Life! So proud of the twins! :’) MEGAN AND LIZ IF Y’ALL ARE READING THIS, I LOVE Y’ALL SO MUCH. YOUR REP IS AMAZING.FLAWLESS.BEAUTIFUL.

Hope y’all like my covers! Please help to tweet this link to @@meganandliz,@officialMegann, @officialLizz and mention me (@SGSpeaksNow21)? Thank you. 

Love to know what y’all think, especially the twins!

God bless, 



Anonymous asked:

HEY Singaporean swiftie here!!! :) You're coming for the Singapore show too? I just wanna say that it's so cool you're flying out all the way for her. I hope you have a really good time here too :))

hey! Cool!

Yes, I am! :D

Aww, thanks! :)

Hope to meet Tay this time!

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